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English Summer

Posted by Yin Wu on

Another grey and raining day. I've been living in England for over 10 years now, but It seems like at least half of that time its been raining.

On a rainy day like this what would you play with your little one? Card games, Colouring, watching TV or making some cookies for tea? As a mum of a seven year old I find it a little bit challenging to find wooden toys that keep his interest, but Oliver still loves to play with our Djeco card games.

These games below are the great games for little ones play and learn, through the games you will see what your little one has discovered and they won't be able to keep their hands away from them. Imagination, Creativity, Exploration Intelligence and Ambition, you will see all these skills from any of these games after play.

Djeco Games

A some toys are great by themselves, but its also great when you can use toys to create your own game. I like to spend little more for the better quality and also I like to get more from what I am paying for, so all the toys we offer are the best quality and good value and we will continue to try to find the most unique items for your family.

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